Mobilink Bank’s “Change to Sustain” Program Drives Sustainability with PKR 2.5 Billion

Leading provider of digital financial services, Mobilink Bank, announced the launch of its sustainability initiative, “Change to Sustain,” indicating a development on its path toward operational transformation and encouraging environmental stewardship in the banking industry.

The strategic allocation of PKR 2.5 billion towards financing renewable energy is driving this drive. Fifteen (15) Mobilink Bank branches are scheduled to go solar, utilizing solar energy and cutting carbon emissions as part of the bank’s sustainability plan.

The Bank is also going to lead a massive tree planting campaign in all 109 of its branches around the country, helping to protect regional ecosystems and biodiversity. By implementing these programs, Mobilink Bank is demonstrating its commitment to promoting a beneficial environmental impact and solidifying its standing as a capable industry leader.

A worldwide digital operator, VEON serves about 160 million users in six vibrant markets, which together account for 7% of the world’s population, with convergent connectivity and digital services.
Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concepts are being incorporated into Bank operations as part of the “Change to Sustain” project, which aims to advance sustainable practices. The program seeks to advance sustainable corporate practices, support climate action, increase public knowledge of sustainability issues, empower women-led solutions for climate resilience, increase access to green funding, and stimulate the use of renewable energy sources.

The winds of change present Mobilink Bank with a chance to propel constructive change. According to Haaris Mahmood Chaudhary, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Mobilink Bank, “the ‘Change to Sustain’ initiative reflects our efforts to align the Bank with ESG principlesa time when development and sustainability coexist.”

We are deeply committed to reducing our environmental impact, enabling those without access to banking, promoting positive social change, and assisting small companies across the country in their endeavors. This dedication informs every decision we make. Since microfinance institutions play a critical role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, we will not relent in utilizing our resources and abilities to promote environmentally sustainable financing for individuals and small businesses, with a focus on women-led enterprises. The environment and society at large can profit for a long time, he continued, from our belief that encouraging small enterprises and female entrepreneurs.

Leading the way in green financing, Mobilink Bank skillfully integrates sustainability into its business practices while aggressively assisting people—especially women—in addressing climate-related issues. The Bank equips its borrowers with the resources and tools they need to adapt to and strengthen their resilience against climate change through significant programs including “Change to Sustain” and the Women Inspirational Network (WIN) program.

Additionally, the Bank provides easily accessible green finance options, such as solar financing, to guarantee that everyone can achieve sustainability.

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