Infinix Electrifies the Future of Mobile Gaming at MWC 2024

Infinix, a hip tech brand aimed at younger audiences, officially unveils the state-of-the-art flagship-level idea in mobile gaming technology at ShowStoppers MWC 2024, the official networking event partner of MWC, one of the largest and most important connectivity events globally.

This state-of-the-art technology, called “Electrify Gaming Future,” redefines the mobile gaming experience with features enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI).

An unprecedented 2,215,639 in the AnTuTu benchmarks is achieved by this ground-breaking innovation from Infinix, which surpasses expectations with its flawless integration of the most advanced mobile chip .

Tony Zhao, general manager of Infinix, stated, “With this exciting innovation, we are elevating mobile gaming and securing our position as a global leader in gaming smartphone provider.”

He was excited about the groundbreaking announcement of the all-new Infinix flagship-level concept mobile gaming technology. At ShowStoppers MWC, we are excited to introduce the world of mobile gaming enthusiasts to Infinix’s latest technology, which outperforms the competition. Let’s get started!

Creating a New Parameter

With an impressive 2,215,639 benchmark score on AnTuTu, Infinix proudly maintains its position as the top smartphone in the mobile gaming market in terms of processing power. Using the enormous power of the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset, this amazing achievement is made feasible. Users can anticipate fluid gameplay, engaging gaming experiences, and excellent graphics rendering thanks to its powerful GPU and All-Big Core CPU.

Infinix meets the expectations for outstanding display performance in smartphones by offering high screen refresh rates of up to 180Hz for FHD+ resolution and 144Hz for WQHD+ resolution, in order to produce a visually pleasing gaming experience when paired with Pixelworks visual processors.

CoolMax: The First Semiconductor and Air-Cooling System in the Industry

The cutting-edge CoolMax System, a ground-breaking cooling technique that uses Thermal-Electric Cooling (TEC) and the Peltier effect to effectively control temperature and disperse heat from its components, is fully utilized by Infinix’s flagship-level concept mobile gaming technology. This creative integration creates a new standard for the industry by ensuring outstanding performance even in ambient temperature situations. The CoolMax System lowers temperatures by up to 10 degrees Celsius, improving chipset performance without compromising overall system efficiency, allowing users to enjoy longer and more intense gaming sessions.

Driving Mobile Gaming’s Future

Adapting to various conditions, Infinix’s AI algorithm uses its dynamic core usage to save energy by using lesser cores when visual demands are low and intelligently assigning jobs to the most powerful core for optimal visual performance. Reduced heat generation and lower temperatures are the results of this AI-driven optimization, which makes sure the chipset runs at optimal efficiency without continuously operating at full capacity. Artificial Intelligence is being incorporated into games to improve gameplay while also saving energy and managing heat efficiently.

Infinix’s Premier Dual-Core Gaming Smartphone

With great excitement, Infinix announces that it will introduce its first dual-core flagship gaming smartphone in 2024, building on the success of its flagship-level mobile gaming technology. This eagerly awaited gadget promises unmatched performance and captivating gameplay, completely redefining the gaming experience. As Infinix continues to transform the gaming industry, stay tuned for further developments.

Where Today Becomes Electric Tomorrow

During ShowStoppers MWC 2024, Infinix proudly displayed a number of highly regarded technology. One of these ground-breaking inventions was the Infinix E-Color Shift, which introduced the first programmable custom skin technology in the industry and allowed customers to customize their smartphones’ looks like never before.

Additionally, Infinix announced the Infinix AirCharge, a safe wireless charging technology based on magnetic resonance that promises a seamless charging experience and has the potential for mass production.

Finally, the industry’s first battery technology that can enable charging in extremely cold conditions as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius has been released by Infinix with the Infinix Extreme-Temp Battery. Infinix will be the first company in its class to be able to recharge under severe weather conditions when its next product launch incorporates a comparable technology. These innovative solutions are a prime example of Infinix’s dedication to expanding the realm of what is practical in the mobile space.

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