HBL Zarai Services: Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture for National Development

Yesterday saw the establishment of HBL Zarai Services in Burewala, Pakistan, marking a major advancement in the fields of food security and agricultural growth.

This is under the imaginative purview of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and is consistent with Pakistan’s strategic aims.

One of HBL’s fully owned subsidiaries, HBL Zarai Services is Pakistan’s first provider of specialist extension services for agriculture. Throughout the agriculture value chain, HBL Zarai Services seeks to empower farmers and improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability by giving them access to vital tools and knowledge. HBL Zarai Services aspires to encourage ethical farming methods that guarantee the long-term survival of farming communities and natural resources, with an emphasis on sustainability and environmental care.

Through the establishment of this subsidiary, HBL has demonstrated its continued gratitude to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the regulatory bodies for their trust and confidence in the Bank.

Clients, regulators, and bank executives attended the HBL Zarai Services opening event. Dr. Inayat Hussain, the Deputy Governor of SBP, was the event’s chief guest.

Sultan Ali Allana, Chairman of HBL, stated during the event of HBL Zarai, “Since the bank’s privatization in 2004, we have been actively pursuing programs and introducing solutions for the growth and progress of the Agricultural Sector.”

With a direct influence on approximately 350,000 farmers, Al’Hamdulillah HBL Group is currently the largest institutional provider of financial services for this sector of the economy. Insha’Allah, with the establishment of HBL Zarai, we will be able to provide advisory and input services, as well as offtake and warehousing, directly to farmers via Deras, which are specialized distribution and service centers carved out of the country’s farmlands, guaranteeing food security and enhancing income for farming communities across the nation.

The President and CEO of HBL, Muhammad Aurangzeb, stressed the Bank’s steadfast commitment to sustainability by saying, “Pakistan’s agricultural landscape stands at a critical juncture.” Even while it still serves as the foundation of our economy, agriculture still offers untapped potential to spur wealth and growth.

HBL has long understood the connection between social development, economic growth, and a strong agricultural economy. HBL Zarai Services becomes a ray of hope, demonstrating our dedication to bringing about constructive change and advancing food security throughout the country.

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