Govt to Take Up 2 Mega Motorway Projects Next Fiscal Year

After terminating both contracts due to contractors’ failure to fulfill obligations, including financial closing, the government will give priority to the two massive road projects, the Sukkur-Hyderabad Motorway and the Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway, in the upcoming fiscal year.

During Wednesday’s e-Kachehri here, Asim Amin, Member Planning, National Highways Authority (NHA), made this statement. The participant acknowledged having little resources to maintain the nation’s roads.

Amin claimed that after all requirements were met, land valued at Rs. 15 billion was purchased for the Sukkur-Hyderabad Motorway and given to the lowest bidder. Six months was allotted to the concessionaire to complete the financial closing condition; if this failed, more time was granted. When its international partners declined to visit Pakistan, the concessionaire itself disbanded at the same time. He went on: “The NHA ultimately terminated the contract because the concessionaire failed to meet the requirements.”

The participant went on to say that the NHA is giving the project top priority and is thinking through a number of options to get it started. Amin stated that in order to give the project top priority, the government is in talks with Chinese businesses, international banks, and FWO.

According to the Member, the Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway was also the subject of a dissolution of joint ventures and contract termination; nevertheless, the government is giving it top priority for the upcoming fiscal year.

In response to a query, Member NHA mentioned that although the Authority maintains the roads using its money, it is unable to fund all of the projects at once because of the revenue shortfall. Both weather and budgetary limitations, he claimed, contributed to the Chitral-Shandoor project’s delay.

The Member answered another question by saying that M-9 has been given to the contractor for a 25-year period and that all associated work, such as widening and quality improvement, will be completed in accordance with the contract.

The GT road is roughly 1900 km long, according to Member NHA, and they are making an effort to limit maintenance activities to what they have available.
Amin stated that NHA would follow the court’s ruling in response to a follow-up inquiry about the regularization of daily wages for workers. The matter is still ongoing in court.

The member stated that although the PC-1 for the Model Prison has been revised, work is still ongoing to finish the interchange design at the Model Prison site because of budgetary limitations. Nonetheless, the Prime Minister’s Office is working diligently to finalize an alternate and expedient access plan, which will be approved first because of its regular progress.

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