foodpanda Announces Strategic Partnership with Sana Safinaz to Expand Brand Reach

Foodpanda, the top delivery platform in Pakistan, is thrilled to announce a strategic alliance with Sana Safinaz [SSFR (Pvt.) Ltd.], one of the high-end clothing brands in the nation.

Foodpanda has achieved a great deal with this agreement, which strengthens its standing as a publisher of retail media advertisements with a major participant in the clothing market.

The yearlong deal between Sana Safinaz and foodpanda is poised to transform how companies engage with consumers who are digital natives. With the help of the foodpanda app’s enormous traffic, Sana Safinaz hopes to reach a wider audience and attract clients who are accustomed to making purchases online.

Sana Safinaz will mostly interact with foodpanda’s female audience through activations on panda advertisements and smart placements of its top campaigns, with placements on the order tracking page and sporadic appearances on the Home screen.

Foodpanda CEO Muntaqa Peracha was excited about the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to partner with Sana Safinaz, one of Pakistan’s most esteemed apparel brands.” This collaboration not only demonstrates foodpanda’s development into a flexible advertising platform, but also our dedication to offering our partners cutting-edge solutions. Through our partnership with Sana Safinaz, we are providing access to the garment business and clearing the path for future partnerships with companies in other industries.

“Foodpanda’s established presence as a household name in Pakistan presents an exceptional opportunity for Sana Safinaz to connect with a quality audience of potential new shoppers,” claimed COO Farrukh Malik. We want to reach and interact with new customers, thus we’re carefully using foodpanda’s platform to highlight our collections. Through this collaboration, foodpanda has demonstrated how to grow into a valuable ally and top option in our media mix. We anticipate further forthcoming partnerships that will further enhance both brands and foster reciprocal prosperity in the years to come.

One example of the strength of synergy between two industry leaders is the partnership between foodpanda and Sana Safinaz. This shows how committed Foodpanda is to expanding its product line and provide distinctive advertising chances to companies that want to work with.

In 2022, foodpanda formally introduced its suite of marketing tools and advertising technology (AdTech), known as panda advertisements, to assist marketers from many industries in interacting with millions of consumers outside of traditional channels.

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